Med-Bar Reef Club

Manager: Westin Dragonara Resort
Contact: -
  • Location: This is the Beach of Westin Dragonara Resort in St Julian's
  • Size: 143m/410m
  • Awards: Blue Flag
  • Facilities: Bar, Toilets, Showers, lifeguards, wheelchairs acces, etc
  • Transport: Public transport Bus 14, 120, 205
  • Special Needs: Wheel chair access
  • Type: Rocky
  • Internet Areas: Yes

Located on the Dragonara Peninsula, on the east side of the island, the Medbar & Reef Club proudly forms part of The Westin Dragonara Resort in St. Julian’s. Both beaches are open during the summer months (June-September) and are enjoyed by all Westin guests.

The Reef Club

With a typical Mediterranean sea-bed and a naturally eroded stretch of rocky coastland, the Medbar & Reef Club sits charmingly in the mild winter months and comes to life during the warm summers. The beaches can be reached by public transport using bus numbers 14, 120 or 205.