Ramla L-Ħamra Bay – Xagħra Gozo

Manager: -
Contact: info@beach.com
  • Location: Gozo
  • Size: 360 m width X 65 m depth
  • Awards: Blue Flag
  • Facilities: None
  • Transport: -
  • Special Needs: None
  • Type: Sandy
  • Internet Areas: None

ramlaRamlal-Ħamra Bay is named for its reddish sand. It is the largest beach on the sister island of Gozo; a rural beach surrounded by slopes, wild vegetation and agricultural land. Ramlal-ĦamraBay has a sand dune along the beach that is covered with rich, endemic flora.  Beneath part of the sand dune lie ruins that date to the Roman period some two thousand years ago. An old statue of Our Lady is prominently positioned on the sand. Overlooking the bay is the renowned Cave of Ogygia where the mythological nymph Calypso, daughter of Atlantis, is said to have imprisoned Odisseus for seven years in wanting to marry him. A fougasse – or stone cannon, present on site was hewn during the eighteenth Century by the knights of St. John. Beach management at Ramlal-ĦamraBay is operated by GAIA Foundation and includes the services of lifeguards. It is being awarded….. for 2012.